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  • PSO-Musumeci.jpg

    Musumeci Industrie Grafiche spa – History, luxury and Fogra certified quality!

    20. July 2021
    The company’s birth already was in 1837 with "Tipogarfia Lybotz" precursor of the future "Musumeci SpA" founded in 1972. It therefore has nearly 200 years of printing history in its DNA.

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  • PSO-Vimer.jpg

    Vimer, Fogra-certified since 2016 – a guarantee of quality!

    16. June 2021
    Vimer is a historic company that offers its customers a complete range of services from marketing to creativity, offering innovative solutions in terms of design and communication. Their products include paper converting, the use of innovative materials, special processing and finishing.

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  • IWORD-PSO.jpg

    IWORD: The first online PSO certification in Japan

    22. April 2021
    IWORD attained PSO certification for the 7th time since its first certification in 2008.

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  • PSO_Yamagata.jpg

    Yamagata (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. attains PSO certification for the third time

    4. December 2019
    In September 2019, Yamagata Malaysia attained PSO (ISO 12647) certification for the 3rd. time since its first certification in 2015 through the diligent efforts and commitments of its production team.

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  • PSO-UltimatePrint2019.jpg

    Ultimate Print Malaysia attains PSO certification for the fifth time

    21. November 2019
    In September 2019, it attained PSO certification (ISO 12647) for the 5th time since its first certification in 2011 through the efforts and commitments of the whole team.

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  • PrinterTrento.JPG

    Printer Trento: the art of printing, Fogra certified!

    11. June 2019
    Printer Trento is a successful graphic company in the publishing field. Since 1980 it develops unique creations and provides high quality services and products, always paying attention to the environment. In 2012 it was elected the best Italian Graphic Company thanks to its constant technological renewal.

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  • BADC_Fogra-PSO.jpg

    Prepress certification according to PSO in China

    17. April 2019
    In 2019, BADC had successfully passed the prepress part of Fogra's PSO certification, which leaves no doubt that it is able to work according to the international standard.

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  • Masar_PSO.jpg

    Masar form Dubai gains its PSO certificate for the fourth time

    2. July 2018
    Since 2011 Masar Printing and Publishing from Dubai is certified according to PSO (ISO 12647) in the fields of colour management, proof creation, platemaking and sheet-fed offset printing.

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  • PSO-1010.jpg

    1010: A new certified print shop in China

    4. January 2018
    1010 Printing International Limited successfully passed the certification according to PSO (ISO 12647) with the assistance of Fogra partner from FUJIFILM.

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  • Pozzoli.jpg

    Pozzoli Spa gains its third Fogra PSO certification

    9. November 2017
    In July 2017, Pozzoli updated its Fogra PSO certification to the latest ISO 12647-2: 2013 revision that is commonly associated with FOGRA51 and FOGRA52 characterization data. An important goal that gives them the Italian primacy of respecting a new standard, which in the next few years, will be adopted by the whole sector.

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  • RRD.jpg

    Fogra PSO certificate shining at RR Donnelley again

    19. July 2017
    With the assistance of the Fogra partner FUJIFILM, RR Donnelly passed the Fogra PSO certification successfully in 2017 according to the new ISO 12647:2013 standard.

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  • Mercurio.jpg

    Grafiche Mercurio SpA re-news and confirms the Fogra PSO certification for the third time!

    19. June 2017
    Grafiche Mercurio SpA was founded in 1962 as a small artisan company. Over time, the company was growing by investing in modern instruments and innovative technologies.

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  • Everbest-PSO-2016.jpg

    The first Fogra PSO certificate of China according to new ISO 12647-2

    23. May 2016
    Recently, Everbest Printing (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. had successfully obtained PSO (12647) certificate by Fogra through cooperating with the PSO partner of FUJIFILM in 2016.

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  • PSO_JEA.jpeg

    Joh. Enschedé Amsterdam (Netherlands) has acquired its fourth time PSO certificate

    5. April 2016
    In February 2016, Joh. Enschedé Amsterdam (Netherlands) acquired its fourth time PSO (ISO12647) certificate for qualified plate making and printing, an outstanding achievement of their excellence in quality control of products. They already started with their first PSO certification in 2009.

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  • Hoffset_PSO.jpg

    Hoffset Printing Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) acquire its PSO certificate for the third time

    19. January 2016
    Hoffset Printing Sdn Bhd achieved the first PSO certification ever granted In Malaysia in 2011. They reaffirmed their continuous commitment in enhancing quality control skills to global standards by acquiring for the PSO (ISO 12647) certificate for the third time in November 2015.

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  • RRD.jpg

    RR Donnelley in China renew their PSO certification

    19. June 2015
    RR Donnelley received the Fogra/bvdm PSO certification after the Chinese New Year of 2015.

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  • ZuidamUithof.jpg

    Successful re-certification of ZuidamUithof

    12. February 2015
    In January 2015, ZuidamUithof Drukkerijen (Netherlands) acquired their second certification according to PSO (ISO12647) for plate making and production printing – an outstanding achievement of their excellence in quality control of products.

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  • fototaller500px.jpg

    Centro Gráfico Alborada obtains its PSO-ISO 12647-2 certificate for the second time

    4. February 2015
    In August 2011, Centro Gráfico Alborada obtained this international certification, including prepress, plate making process and offset printing.

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  • Kappa-Zedek.jpg

    Smurfit Kappa Zedek get their 5th PSO certificate

    18. December 2014
    After their first PSO (ISO 12647) certification in 2006 Smurfit Kappa Zedek (Deventer, Netherlands) reaffirmed their continuous commitment in enhancing quality control skills to global standards by acquiring for the valuable certificate the fifth time in December 2014.

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  • TBB.jpg

    TBB gain their fourth-time PSO certification

    27. August 2014
    Since 2008 TBB, a.s. from Slovakia is certified according to PSO (ISO 12647) in the fields of qualified colour management, creation of contract proofs, standardized platemaking and sheet-fed offset printing.

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  • PSO_Dairaku.jpg

    Japanese design studio gets certified according to PSO

    11. April 2014
    In January 2014, Dairaku Design Studio (Tokyo, Japan) obtained the PSO certificate in the fields of qualified color management and creation of contract proofs.

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Reliable certification according to PSO is becoming increasingly important!


Bildschirmfoto 2015 01 08 Um 15.34.02.Png

After ten years, the certification of prepress and printing enterprises according to ProcessStandard Offset still continues to grow in demand. The certification was developed by the associations Print and Media in cooperation with Fogra.

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Current Information

  • PSO-certified businesses
    The PSO database contains all businesses which are successfully certified according to the original PSO standard.
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  • Fogra Media Wedge CMYK V3.0
    The Fogra Media Wedge CMYK is recognised globally as the control medium for the digital contract proof and has been used worldwide in its different versions since 1997. In accordance to Media Standard Print any proof that is designated as a contract proof must contain an Fogra Media Wedge CMYK V3. 
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  • PSOactive
    As an extension of PSO certification by Fogra/Associations Print and Media, PSOactive offers surplus value through regular verification of PSO conformity and an increased appeal to clients. Every company using PSOactive regularly receives documentation of its production by means of evaluation tables. 
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