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From left to right: Mike Yao (FUJIFILM), Foxun Ling (PMT Supervisor, RRD), Jimmy Li (PMT Senior Manager, RRD), Nelson Zhao (Fogra PSO Partner, FUJIFILM), Lisa Lai (PMT Supervisor, RRD)

Fogra PSO certificate shining at RR Donnelley again

With the assistance of the Fogra partner FUJIFILM, RR Donnelly passed the Fogra PSO certification successfully in 2017 according to the new ISO 12647:2013 standard. Due to the existing long-term cooperation, including printing plates, chemicals, workflow, CTP devices and CMS, it was the second time for FUJIFILM to help RR Donnelley to get the valuable certificate. After preparation of about two months, finally all data, reports and samples for proofing and printing were successfully verified by Fogra & bvdm officially, which means that the complete printing process of RRD achieved the ProcessStandard Offset level. 

Since M1 mode of measurement is recommended, relevant software should be updated to select, instruments such as spectrophotometers should be upgraded to support, and ICC profiles should be replaced by FOGRA51 & 52, as well as the ink and paper should be in tolerance with the new ISO 12647. As RRD said, more and more print buyers, especially in USA and Europe start to accept and apply the new ISO standard, especially FOGRA52 instead of FOGRA47.