Continuable results - certifiable quality
reliable production with ProcessStandard Offset


Clients of the print industry demand perfect printing quality, no matter when or where the order is placed. Reprints are supposed to look exactly like the first print run. Prints from different companies should be identical. And most important of all: Printing is supposed to reflect reality as accurately as possible.

Furthermore, clients sometimes take it upon themselves to create data for the production. In these situations, PSO guarantees that the data will be properly processed before it can be transferred to production.

Clients value one fact: The print product has to be perfect. That is the goal of ProcessStandard Offset.

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  • Schedule reliability
    No delays, misprints or data problems, shorter coordination time (on-site).
  • Quality reliability
    Accurate data in perfect workflow, exact control of printing machines and measurable results.
  • Reproducibility
    Due to defined standards, reproducibility and consistent quality in printing is guaranteed.
  • Comprehensive quality
    Uniform color reproduction on different print products and printing machines.
  • Measurable quality
    Transparent and measurable quality due to defined quality requirements.


Because of external data input, prepress demands particular attention: A focal point for all kinds of data, formats and sometimes rather adventurous PDF files, it has to shape them into production-ready form. For this purpose, PSO offers clear instructions about how the data has to look like. As a result, costly mistakes which lead to production stops, additional expenses and irritation, can be avoided.

Due to defined color profiles, proofs for the final output can be perfectly simulated - an indispensable asset for coordination with the client. Unwanted surprises can be avoided because of PSO.

Guidelines and data are perfectly incorporated into the production process. Since all interfaces, file formats and quality guidelines are defined by ProcessStandard Offset, mistakes are minimized, problems are methodically resolved and production can run smoothly.


  • Reliable workflow
    Clearly defined guidelines guarantee a perfect workflow. The basic settings of the application programs are uniformly standardized.
  • Improved data quality
    PSO ensures a seamless production process by defining data quality. Correction time and effort are reduced.
  • No interruptions in production
    Due to significant error reduction, standstills or production interruptions can be avoided.
  • Perfect predictability
    Comprehensible and reliable production planning due to problem-free processes.
  • Consistency and reliability
    Replicable results and consistent quality for every step. The basic settings of the output devices and printing machines are optimized.


Working according to PSO (ISO 12647) allows printing companies a smooth production process, from data management to final print product. It ensures both high printing quality as well as an optimized use of resources. The excellent predictability of printing orders contributes to a high level of client satisfaction.

In addition, every company is able to objectively evaluate its print products and offer verification to the client. This creates clarity during the acceptance process of printed matters, which can often be charged with emotion. The company employees also gain confidence in their daily practice due to clearly defined interfaces for every production step.

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  • Production reliability
    Print products are in accordance with defined quality standards. The company and its clients thereby achieve a high level of production reliability.
  • Standardized production
    Standardized test procedures accurately indicate erroneous or qualitatively inadequate data. The client can be specifically informed.
  • Reliable proofs
    Proofing and printing can largely be coordinated through profile technology.
  • Efficient production
    Correction and downtime are significantly reduced, thereby increasing production efficiency and long-term sustainability.
  • Measurable quality - protection against complaints
    Discussions about inadequate or differing quality can be resolved by referring to control devices and measurement tests.
  • Marketing advantage through PSO
    The company defines itself as a high-quality producer with all the advantages PSO has to offer. Various businesses and major clients regard the PSO certification as a requisite condition for future cooperation.


PSO-certified businesses can claim a high level of expertise and quality. Moreover, orders are preferentially placed with service providers that possess the PSO certificate, issued by the associations Print and Media and Fogra.

Another advantage occurs on the way to certification: The high demands of certification, when compared to standard process control, prompt companies to closely observe machines, material and their employees’ know-how.

The entire production, from data acceptance to data processing to printing plate preparation and the actual act of printing, is put under scrutiny. Workflows are checked for deficiencies, additional knowledge is provided and the fine adjustments of software and production machines are defined.


  • Neutral certification by independent institutions
  • Originators of ProcessStandard Offset (PSO)
  • Constantly up to date with current developments
  • Quick and competent implementation of new guidelines
  • 4-eyes system guarantees reliable results
  • High national and international acceptance of the certificate


In contrast to other products, PSOactive offers a genuine examination of PSO conformity. As a result, a permanently recorded, verifiable and reliable process is achieved. This reinforces trust between client and print shop, prevents confrontations and increases production quality!

As an extension of PSO certification by Fogra/associations Print and Media, PSOactive offers surplus value through regular verification of PSO conformity and an increased appeal to clients. Every company using PSOactive regularly receives documentation of its production by means of evaluation tables.


  • Reliability at any time
  • Permanently recorded process
  • Test certificate
  • Informative test seal
  • Appeal to clients
  • Certification validity
  • No additional paper consumption during examination
  • Neutral evaluation and high standards
  • Clarity in client communication
  • Competitive advantages
  • Low additional costs
  • Exclusively for companies certified by Fogra/associations Print and Media
  • PSOactive verification at