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Jürgen Gemeinhardt (Fogra) handing out the PSO certificate to Bhaskaran Krishnan (Masar).

Masar form Dubai gains its PSO certificate for the fourth time

Since 2011 Masar Printing and Publishing from Dubai is certified according to PSO (ISO 12647) in the fields of colour management, proof creation, platemaking and sheet-fed offset printing. In May 2018 it renewed its valuable Fogra/bvdm certification for the fourth time.

Masar is one of Dubai's leading print and publishing houses. Besides commercial printing (sheet and web) it also offers newspaper and digital printing. Their product range comprises books, newspapers, catalogues, brochures, calendars, magazines, flyers and invitations/cards.

With the certificate Masar demonstrates its advanced quality standard. It furthermore is a confirmation of the continuous commitment to standardized processes, that lead to a high level of production safety.