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From left to right: Mr. Moscatelli (Research Development Manager, Vimer), Mr. Carnelli (Fogra PSO Partner, ColorConsulting).

Vimer, Fogra-certified since 2016 – a guarantee of quality!

Vimer is a historic company that offers its customers a complete range of services from marketing to creativity, offering innovative solutions in terms of design and communication. Their products include paper converting, the use of innovative materials, special processing and finishing. The Fogra PSO certification allows Vimer to maintain the highest quality levels using a printing process which is calibrated and aligned for all phases of color reproduction. Carlo Carnelli, General Manager of ColorConsulting srl and Fogra auditor in Italy says: "Vimer has been Fogra-certified since June 2016. This allows them to access customers who request the Fogra PSO (12647-2) certification as a requirement for their processing and helps the company to maintain very high quality standards thanks to constantly updated procedures and instruments. " Mr. Moscatelli, Research Development Manager at Vimer: "The certification has allowed us to achieve products of excellent quality and to satisfy the demands of the customers in the packaging sector. In addition, thanks to an optimized workflow, we have reduced our start-up times, avoiding waste and obtaining full control of the entire production process.”