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PSOactive is a new extension of PSO certification. Whereas the standard certificate is obtained during an examination on a specific date, PSOactive offers regular verification of quality, process reliability and adherence to standards. PSOactive reinforces trust between client and print shop and increases production quality.

In contrast to other products, PSOactive offers a genuine examination, followed by neutral certification. As a result, a permanently recorded, verifiable and reliable process is achieved.

Necessary effort:
Sending in a four-color print sheet from a practical assignment including a measurement report and print control strip per quarter

Examination by Fogra/associations Print and Media:
The print sheets are inspected for PSO conformity by Fogra/associations Print and Media
Fogra/associations Print and Media create a measurement report which is sent to the printing company
The company receives verification that it regularly and continually complies with quality requirements according to PSO guidelines

Verification and reliability:
The evaluation by Fogra/Associations Print and Media neutrally confirms the adherence to PSO.

Reliable certification according to PSO is becoming increasingly important!


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After ten years, the certification of prepress and printing enterprises according to ProcessStandard Offset still continues to grow in demand. The certification was developed by the associations Print and Media in cooperation with Fogra.

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Current Information

  • PSO-certified businesses
    The PSO database contains all businesses which are successfully certified according to the original PSO standard.
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  • Fogra Media Wedge CMYK V3.0
    The Fogra Media Wedge CMYK is recognised globally as the control medium for the digital contract proof and has been used worldwide in its different versions since 1997. In accordance to Media Standard Print any proof that is designated as a contract proof must contain an Fogra Media Wedge CMYK V3. 
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  • PSOactive
    As an extension of PSO certification by Fogra/Associations Print and Media, PSOactive offers surplus value through regular verification of PSO conformity and an increased appeal to clients. Every company using PSOactive regularly receives documentation of its production by means of evaluation tables. 
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